NAEINS carpets are excellent & unique products. These carpets, some over ninety years old, have not been affected by destructive innovation but instead have accepted new designs and good quality, natural colors. Other similar products do not influence NAEINS quality, fame and originality. It is expected to have a brilliant future through the manufacture of this precious product and art. NAEINS CARPET has been changed to an international and everlasting art. Isfahan, a historical city in the south west of NAEIN, could not influence or affect designs of NAEIN CARPETS. NAEIN CARPET has been presented along with the most genuine designs, for exampleSHAH ABBASI LATCHAK, TORANDJ, GONBADI, MEHRABI, AFSHAN, MAHI, DARHAM, SHAKH-e-GAVAZNI and DJEGHAEI.  The production & selling of NAEIN CARPET brings up an important point that could keep the cultural meaning of "CARPET TRADE" guarantee immortality and maintaining of hand-woven carpets. The late HAJ FATHOLAH HABIBIAN NAEINI the founder of the HAND - WOVEN NAEIN CARPET industry, along with his late brother, HAJ MOHAMMAD HABIBIAN. The hard work and complete cooperation in their work, having been inspired by "religious & cultural designs along with using: pure wool, natural silk and plant raw material that is only grown in the desert of NAEIN. The skillful combination of these two factors besides protecting the cultural concept of "CARPET TRADE" could guarantee the immortality of handicrafts. Plant materials by the name of <<Pooste-annar:>>, <<Pooste gerdoo>>, <<Ronas>>،<<Sparak>>, <<Barg-e-mo>>,  <<Ghermez-daneh>>,    <<Ghareh-Ghourout>> are used in NAEINS CARPET. Those are woven exclusively in this small city and its out skirt skin. CARPET frame have charged to metal rather then wooden which it had been before.

Expertise people of NAEIN weave NAEIN CARPET by FARSI knots. After weaving the carpet, the finalizing of the delicate woven carpets are done by expertise people who furbishe the final product. CATE HAJ FATHOLAH HABIBIAN NAEINI was the founder of NAEIN carpet by famous trademark IRAN HABIBIAN NAEIN. In his youth, DURING STUDYING IN FAMOUS SCIENCE SCHOOL <<MARHOOM ADEEB >>, he began learning about carpets and, with his brother HAJ MOHAMMAD HABIBIAN, have innovated new designs of mosques, flowers and nightingales. By establishing workshops in houses they developed the art of carpet weaving . He was born in 1901 and passed away in 1994 . I, Masood HABIBI, grandchild of the great man himself, have tried to learn designing, dyeing and  presenting along with studying since my youth. So far it has been around thirty years since I became engaged in producing NAEINIS CARPET with the same quality or, even better, with the same trademark. I thank anyone who offers their admiration of this precious art. I appreciate any kind of suggestion and/or ordering for carpets in any size and/or any colors design.

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